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A Comprehensive Guide

How to Create a Wikipedia Page

Are you planning to create a Wikipedia page? Thinking where to start and what if thing do not go well and you end up getting rejected? With Wikipedia page creation comes a bundle of fears. As the policies and instructions are so comprehensive and strict to follow, writers face immense trouble in contributing a page.

Wikipedia has a global online reach with over a million articles published in 300 languages. With an active editor count of 32.2 million everyday around 600 articles are edited. The goal is to provide best quality information, relevant and unbiased. Wikipedia has emerged as one of the leading online encyclopedia and the most impressive part is it being updated all the time. As it’s an open source platform, it allows readers to edit the text upon encountering any flaw or irrelevancy.

Wikipedia writers have to follow every instruction and policy to create a custom wiki page. The more experienced writer you are the chances to get an approval automatically increases. To help those who are attempting for the first time or have faced too many rejections, here is a complete guide about how to create a Wikipedia page. Read on to follow through.

A Step-by-Step Process to Wikipedia Page Creation

To make a Wikipedia page you have to ponder on a wide range of aspects. You have to understand what things you must avoid and the key points to follow. However, the first step is to know what the Wikipedia policies are, to clear any doubts. So, let’s begin our process:

  • Go Through Wikipedia Policies
  • Build Online Reputation
  • Create A Wikipedia Profile
  • Choose A Unique Topic
  • Carry Out Extensive Research
  • Write Your Content Draft
  • Optimize Your Content
  • Format Your Page
  • Add Proper Citation
  • Proofread & Edit Your Wikipedia Page
  • Submit for Review
  • Wikipedia Page Approval Criteria

Step #1- Go Through Wikipedia Policies

Google puts great emphasis on delivering the highest quality information. It instructs its users to compose content backed with authentic sources and be descriptive and relevant to stay helpful for the readers. Therefore, Wikipedia has derived a set of detailed policies and guidelines which every writer has to follow. Here is a detailed overview of the policies. You need to ponder on the four basic aspects of the instructions which are as follow:

Writing Style

The first aspect of a well-versed content is that it has no verbosity. Your content should not be self-promotional. It should not present any person’s point of view. The tone must be neutral and informative. You have to stick to maintaining the relevancy to the topic. The content should be in a neutral tone with legit facts and figures. No need to share any controversial, unclear aspect of the subject. State what can be verified.

Reliable Sources

Next instruction is about verifying the sources of your information. You have to carry out comprehensive research but while doing that make sure not to include any false information. You cannot add filling content or irrelevant aspects just to increase the word count of your page. Whatever your state should be able to get verified. Incorporating verifiable links is the must-to-follow clause in the Wikipedia page creation.

Respect of Privacy

The third clause is to respect the privacy and integrity of a person. Now wither you are editing other pages or composing one of your own, you must make sure that your information does not defame the subject. You have to steer away from striking controversies in order to gain a page approval.

Check the Notability

The next aspect is to check the notability of your Wikipedia page. create your own Wikipedia page. This rule implies especially when you create your own Wikipedia page. You have to check if you are eligible to have a page or not. Wikipedia instructs to cover topics that are known in the search engine, can be verified and have a certain readership. This adds to the overall authenticity of the title. The notability guidelines are shown below:


Source: Wikipedia.org

To check if you are notable or not, you can follow three basic steps.

  • Check The Red-Link Technique

On Wikipedia, there is a tool named Requested Article Search Box. Where you can type in your query and see if it appears in the links below. If it does you will be sure that your topic is eligible. However, this technique is applied when writing about a product of an organization. If certain aspects are already there you can work on the not-attempted part of your product.

  • Check on Your Browser

You can open your browser, let say Google Chrome type in the query “site: Wikipedia.org” followed by your page title. If the page has an appearance on Wikipedia it will be shown in the searches.

  • Check Via SEO Tool

The next step is to use your advanced SEO tool. If you are using Google Analytics, you can index the link to your company profile and see the platforms where it appears. If your brand appears on platform like The New York Times or Forbes, you do not have to worry about anything and begin working on your page.

Step #2- Build Your Online Reputation

To create a wiki page about an artist or any celebrity you have to be notable. So, if not then you can build your online reputation. You can get in touch with an SEO expert who will guide you about optimizing your presence or else follow the simple rule. All you have to do is to make yourself appear on prominent places on the internet. Gain some recognition and then head to Wikipedia.

Step #3- Create A Wikipedia Profile

Checking the policies and making sure you are credible are the foremost aspects of Wikipedia page creation process. Now that you know your grounds you have to head on creating an account of Wikipedia. To create an account, you have to head to Wikipedia.org. On the top right corner, you will find the button to “create an account”.

The form will appear to fill in your basic information with an appropriate username. You have to set a password to your account and head to create a user page.

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·         Create A User Page

Before you create a custom Wikipedia page you first should authenticate your account. That’s is done by contributing to Wikipedia. You have to indulge in editing the published pages and update the Wiki directory with well-fed information. Now to do that you have to create a user page. Through that page, you get access to view other’s content. However, you have to avoid vandalism.

Vandalism is an act when the editor deliberately attempts to ruin the reputation of other pages. You do not have to add any controversial aspect or edit the content with the intention to influence the integrity and online reach negatively. If you are caught doing that your account will be terminated permanently.

Step #4- Choose A Unique Topic

Wikipedia does not approve topics that are already been covered on the platform. If you go the Wikipedia guidelines, and learn about how to create a page you will find out that uniqueness is an important clause. Now to find out whether your elected topic is unique or not you have to go to the Requested Article search box. If the topic appears in the blue link you will not have to attempt. In addition, make sure that your topic is unique and interesting. You must not have a conflict of interest with the selected topic. You need to pour utmost dedication instead of ruining the readability.

Step #5- Carry Out a Comprehensive Research

You are all set to get deeper into the web to hunt for the most unique information. You have to delve deeper into gathering information from the most trusted platforms. Your information should be interesting and attention grabbing. The readers must feel inclined to sticking by the page until the end. When researching always make sure that your platform is reliable and trustable. You must get on high domain and credible sites to gather information.

Step #6- Write Your Content Draft

A Wikipedia page creator when composes the page has to follow certain guidelines. Your page should be relevant and its writing style must be professional. Never use passive voice or biased tone. When you create sentences structures make sure to keep them precise. Same goes with the style of making paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a certain message or guide to deliver. The information contained should be sound draggy or reflect wordiness. Your content should be captivating with easy to comprehend information.

Step #7- Optimize Your Content

To increase the online visibility to your content you have to index the most searched keywords. You have to follow the basic search engine optimization techniques to create a presence online. The two basic procedures include indexing keywords and creating backlinks. You can use your SEO tool to hunt for the high density keywords for the content. If you are creating a page for an artist it’s important to give it an increased online reach.

Step #8- Format Your Page

The next step is to format your page proficiently. As stated in Wikipedia guidelines, your page must be broken down into many smaller categories. It should have an introductory section with details about the person or organization you are writing about. It will be followed by the details regarding goals/personal life history, date of establishment/marital relationship and a complete overview to every step of life of the company or person respectively.

Step #9- Add Proper Citation

Among the many clauses to page creation one of the most important steps is to add proper citation. Your page will not be marked as complete until you add a reference section in it. In addition, you must go to the Wikipedia guidelines related to citation and from there pick any approved style. Mostly Harvard style of referencing is followed to cite sources.

Step #10-  Proofread & Edit Your Wikipedia Page

Voila! You are headed towards the final step of your page creation process. Now the page submission is just a step away. What you have to do is proofread your content thoroughly and scrutinize every mistake. You need to make sure that your content is flawless and error free. You can use an advanced tool to keep a thorough check.

Step #11- Submit for Review

You have to submit your Wikipedia page to review after making sure that every aspect is in a perfect condition. You can also go through the policies one last time to be 100% sure about your submission. On the platform, there will be an option “create a page” click on it and a window will appear with the option to upload your file. You can upload your content there and below it will be the box to add all the citation and references. Add the references and supporting images there and click on “submit”.

Step #12- Wikipedia Page Approval Criteria

All the entries submitted to the platform are reviewed by official editors. Your submission can take around 6 months to get reviewed or published. In case if it has errors, the editors will send it back for revision.

How to Monitor and Manage a Wikipedia Page?

Once your page is published you have to stay consistent and keep on monitoring the quality of your content. Wikipedia is an open source platform and it does allow readers to make the changes they want. Therefore, page owners have to stay active to responding al the review request. If your page is fiddled with errors, it can be put to hold or suspended temporarily. Therefore, do check your account every once in a while and respond to the requests. In this way, you can keep your page updated.

How Do You Get Listed On Wikipedia?

To get listed on Wikipedia you have to follow the same procedure to page creation. You have to create an account and then compose an article on a unique topic. Send he content to review and once it is published your name will get listed on the platform.